Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shivyog Singapore Divine Teachings

namaha shivay dear sadhaks...our dear rani didi who has sung a very beautiful song for babaji at the shivir "tu hi meri hai saari zameen chaahe kahi se chalu tujh pe hi aake ruku" has penned down these divine teachings of our babaji for all of us..on behalf of all sadkhaks my heartfelt gratitude to u didi..
namaha shivay
  • om namah shivay

    In south india there are temples based on the 5 elements, each of the divine element can be found there.

    Planning is for future, important to be in the now – no past, no future. Nature is in the NOW.

    Shiv yog is ancient wisdom combined with modern science. It’s to heal one self.

    Also to teach the power of god within you.

    Shivoham shivoham - If I have the power of shiva, I HAVE to be successful in life.

    Receive the grace and power of sanjeevni- babaji has come to give it to you which has been passed on from the siddha gurus.

    Whatever level you want to reach, it is within you.

    Cosmic power is infinite- there is abundance – sanjeevni shakti connects to cosmic power, cosmic connects to shiva consciousness and shiva consciousness connects to shakti who in return gives prosperity, abundance success.

    Tum chahte kya ho? Think, analyze …what is it?? Whatever you want the pure wisdom awakened within you will make you achieve.

    You are an immortal being, you can live as long as you want. Fate, destiny is changeable.

    Sadhna is purification and ascension to clearing the old karmas.

    Purpose of every human being is to raise consciousness – journey of “Nar” se “Narayan” Tak.

    we are born not to suffer but to experience the “satchitanand” – you are the light, you’re the true identity of unconditional love.

    You are here not to have fear, anger, disease or suffering but to just give love unconditional love.

    Shiv Yog is the path of knowingness, whatever you do be aware. The moment you complain you start vibrating low. When you give thanks you start vibrating higher.

    Tum Ajame ho, tumhara koi janam nahin hua.

    You create “Aham Brahamasmi” – whatever I want I create – pura brahamand tumare beetar hai

    Awaken the shiva within you! Before sleeping call him and he comes J

    Silence is the language of truth, attune to the language of silence.

    SY is the science of god – which babaji has come to teach – the science of healing, happiness, success and prosperity.

    It is to be FELT, not to be seen or held.

    Learn to unfold the infinite potential within you.

    Humans are the only species that has the power to CHOOSE. You have the power to choose wherever you want to reach, whatever you want.

    You have to decide what you want to become.

    Become trikaaldarshi- past, present, future.

    You create, you experience, you release.

    I am the creator of my own destiny.

    You choose your clothes, your food, choose your life also. Always find the seed of success in everything. You have the power to choose attitude.

    Story – Baba ji riding bicycle and ended up in an open field – he saw another old man (maybe his guru) he asked him where does this road lead to? he laughed and said wherever you go the road will lead there. (yeh rasta kahan jaata hai, jahaan tum jao wahan jata hai)

    Manush yoni is karma yoni – other yonis is bhog yoni

    You choose what you want to derive from this shivir.

    Whatever you want is available in the universe in abundance. Whatever you choose to believe is available.

    Humans have all sensory powers of all the animals – we have just forgotten about it.

    Widening your wisdom is Shiv Yog.

    You are not living in the universe, the universe lives in you. Every cell in your body has a mind of its own. Every cell has a consciousness of its own.

    You follow your own self, you have your own soul agenda. But for that you need to know your own “SELF”

    Without experience everything is false.

    Whatever happens in your life, you are 100% responsible for it. In every situation just give LOVE.

    Sab santh ek math – shiv yog says

    Loka samasthu sukhino bhavantu

    “I choose excellent health for myself” “I choose prosperity for myself” “I choose wonderful loving relationship for myself”

    Find a reason to be happy, whatever situation in life. 95% is reaction. It is upto us how we react to situation.

    Our reactions make our destiny. Har Haal mein kush. In any situation find the jewel of success.

    Shiv Yog is knowingness.

    Mann hi karta, mann ki bhukta

    We have 5 bodies :

    1) Stool sharir – physical body

    2) Prana Sharir – breath

    3) Mannomay kosh – aura body

    4) Gyanamay kosh – cossal body (pure consciousness) when purified all Vedas are within you

    5) Anandmay kosh- blissful only positive enery here.

    Silence is the language of truth, attune to the language of truth.

    Atma = me

    Paramatma = shiva

    I am shivoham

    Shivoham shivahom shiva swarpoopam

    Nityoham shudhoham buddhoham mukhtoham

    Earth is 3rd dimensional rest all many dimensions around. Every human is multi-dimensional beings.

    Whatever you wish for write in your “Golden Book” and read it before sleeping and before meditation – not hurriedly not mechanically. Read it feel it emotionally and give thanks.

    when during turiya avasta you can say “tum chahte kya ho”

    your very purpose to come to this earth is to give “love” – tu pyaar ka sagar hai

    fact : scientific study being done on plants

    kept 2 plants – 1 plant talked negative or just went infront of it in anger. Within few days the aura of the plant started shrinking. Every time person approached – plant started to whither – aura shrinking

    don’t be like that plant. Shiv yog is giving love & Receiving love.

    If aura is closed won’t register the words being said. Shouting at children to make them wonderful doesn’t work.

    The more you give love more worthy of shiva and getting grace from the guru mandala.

    Just give love and only love.

    The cells have a mind of its own, every cell has a soul of its own learn to communicate with the mind of the soul!

    Send love to every part of the body, to the consciousness.

    Disease happens when here’s dissonance in the cells .

    Intention should be : I am sending love to the consciousness to the soul, I am sending love and gratitude to every part.

    The real power lies in unconditional love, humbleness and gratitude.

    When the ego is there, you make yourself finite.

    When you are nothing you are infinite.

    Give love and gratitude “unconditional love” everyone has a soul. Respect everyone see shiva/shakti in all.

    Relish happy moments, be thankful. Give thanks.

    Anyone who flows with the nature merges with the universal consciousness.

    If you want to become one with god, you must become what god made you.

    No shouting no scolding – practice it.

    Get the work done with the power of unconditional love.

    Anger means energy drained out. Humbleness eliminates ego. Ego is the worst enemy.

    Tree story : the tree with the most fruits is BENT – that’s humbleness and the tree which is standing straight – has no fruits.

    Trinity in every religion – creator, preserver, destroyer

    Panoh kritya – utpati –palan – sangar-dakshna murti (guru), anugraha

    Jeev atma becomes paramatma

    Birth, living, death, immortal, boddhitva

    If your consciousness remains in the same consciousness as you’re born then your horoscope comes out true – whatever is written.

    The 3 things of shiv yog – Sadhna, Seva and Sankirtan.

    Focus all your energies on what you want, focus all your energies on your goals.

    Desire is the force that makes you move.

    Remember I am not a physical phenomena

    Do sankirtan at home. Keep one room for meditation.

    Just give love.

    Think about what you want. Do not think about what you don’t want.

    Define good health. What is good?

    Become good, pure and simple.

    The past doesn’t matter. Change it NOW!

    Prana body – etheric body which is exactly same like real body.

    Believe in yourself.

    Story : Olympic diving - girl dived and missed it by few seconds – coach shouted and said let me show you what wrong you have done. Lets rewind and see – girl refused to see it : she said she doesn’t want to create the same neuro pathway – she wants to create a winning neuro pathway.

    2 ways to release karma

    1) Suffering - which is not the good way

    2) Sanjeevni shakti – recite mantra

    Mantra gives positive vibrations keep chanting.

    Anna dhan – is the biggest dhan.

    Real life story : baba ji went to an orphanage out of india – asked children what they want to eat? Kids said KFC – he got them that. “why should I impose my vegetarianism on them?” give love make them happy.

    Whole life is a lesson to be learned.

    Scriptures say maha mrityunjaya mantra is supreme sadhna

    There are different vibrations from all mantras – beej mantras

    Wisdom – saraswati – aim

    Wealth – shreem

    Mahalaxmi mantra – om shreem hreem (mahalaxmi mantra cd)

    Remove obstacles – om gam ganapathe namah – soft effect

    For a blast effect say vakratundaya HOOOOM

    Horoscope – all planets – om brahma murari (nav graha shanti cd)

    Self confidence – hreem – shakti mantra

    Erase all karmic factors. Root cause unwanted things in life. Once you erase from within ALL IS PRESENT. Better to do sadhna which is ALL IN ONE

    “maha mrityunjaya mantra” Sadhna. Strengthened our sadna, shakti will flow from 3rd eye.

    Shakti will flow from your 3rd eye so only think what you want. Thoughts will materialize into physical manifestation.

    Instead of feeling matter of time. Feel you already have it. Sanjeevni will help, no ifs or buts will stop you.

    Shakti of mantra and sanjeevni shakti will help

    3 most importants to do :

    Sadhna – what baba teaches us

    Seva – selfless service (Nishkaam seva)

    Sankirtan – dissolving ego – singing

    Dhyan sankirtan is communication with god.

    Emotion is your power. Use your emotions to grow spiritually, achieving your goals, connecting to the supreme.

    Not to create miseries for yourself.

    God is divinity. God is the purest of the pure positive energy.

    Be clear of your fundamentals. Become very honest in your expression.

    Every gesture should be truthful.

    Will erase all phobias, negative physic impressions . all wrong programming.

    Law of 3rd dimension says opposite exists.



    So if disease is there so is antidote.

    Placebo effect is always good.

    What you see with your eyes is illusion. What you see with 3rd eye is the truth.

    Golden book Rules of writing:

    When you visualize – can you draw in future tense? Always present tense, present moment – with thanks, I am grateful.

    My business is this much, I am grateful. See that its already happened, see its happening.

    Emotion creates vibration which creates energy which turns into manifestation.

    Whenever you wish for something it happens.

    Just believe in the sanjeevni shakti. Emotionally feel it.

    Start believing whatever you believe you can seek that. You mus create what you believe in creating.

    When you meditate the yantras get activated. Put shree yantra on top and below of golden book and keep in alter.

    Create neuropathway in physical body. When you start believing sanjeevni helps to create a new neuropathway.

    Acknowledgement is very very important.

    Acknowledge each and every part of your body. Om hroom jhum saa – touch the chakras and say.

    7 chakras

    Crown chakra – 1000 petals – sahastrar chakra

    Agya chakra – 2 petals – brow chakra

    Throat chakra – 16 petals – vishudhi chakra

    Heart chakra – 12 petals – anahat chakra

    Solar plexus – 10 petals – Manipur chakra

    Sacral chakra – 6 petals – swadhisthan chakra

    Mooladar chakra – 4 petals – root chakra

    Aapko dhyao, aapko bhajo aapme aapke Ram

    Antar yatra – journey from finite to infinite = shiv yog

    Strong positive energy disintegrates negative energy.

    Antakarna yantra – while meditation – 3 yantras under the bed – head, middle, feet

    Shree yantra- as many as you can – prosperity, abundance – especially must put on computer.

    Activate all chakras.

    Mahamrityunjaya yantra – removes all sickness. Emits all positive energy.

    Sumangal yantra – kept at entrance gate with 2 vastu matsya yantra on each side 1.

    Correct the energy – send sanjeevni to all places . make the intention.

    Gyanamay kosh controls mannomay kosh = karmas accumulated controls thoughts

    Sadhna erases alo of accumulated karmas and negative physic impressions

    Resolve and letgo of all the unresolved issues in life.

    Bring a quantum change in thoughts.

    If one is positive has thought of faith and belief, conviction in oneself. Sanchit karmas are released and there’s a vaccumm. You have to consciously replace with tum chahte kya ho – replace what you want with ‘what you already have’

    Happiness, good health, success, loving relationship is there within me.

    Be very careful now “Tum chahte kya ho?” now watch your thoughts , now you are ready to analyze.

    Bring only what you want, think only what you want, you are creator of your own destiny. Identify your destiny, write it in golden book.

    The secret of looking young – no need of any anti-wrinkle cream – if you want to look young start loving

    The relationship of unconditional love with all. Because you want to experience love you have taken birth on this earth.

    Even with god – meditation is giving love and receiving love. Ecstasy.

    Tendency of hopelessness remove it. Everyday should be an excitement. Think about what joy thing to do. Activate the emotion of love.

    Mile toh khush….na mile toh yaad mein khush.

    Sadhna :

    Recite manra at any time

    Inhale exhale mantra – guru nanik said do not waste any breath. Swasadhi mala pe simroon mein

    21 days practice it.

    No judgement no ifs or buts – don’t ask questions just implement – just receive the grace from Babaji – instead of creating of doubts

    Bio-ethric energy – create the feeling of Love.

    We react horribly or lovingly – choose your reaction.

    Feeling of love – regenerating.

    Feeling of hated – degenerating.

    You can get anything in life you want. If you help others get what they want.

    Sadhna – morning is the base you are creating foundation – 1 hour

    Chant the mantra – invoke the energy and move the energy around the body.

    Shiv yog is a way of life – nothing religious

    - Never judge a person

    - Do not take judgmental decision

    - Feeling of love only – no complains

    - Shiv yogi creates, he knows he is the creator of his own destiny. When you sulk you are complaining.

    - Belief and faith – yes I will get what I want. Abundance from the universe. Learn to tap from the universe.

    - Golden book – before sleeping and before meditating. Whole night it enters your energy and vibration.

    - Tell lord shiv shiva – please grant me the wish.

    - Lovingly read it – whatever you write only in present tense and positive

    - I am not this body. I am the soul shivhoham

    - Sa shiva soham hamsa hamsa shiva soham, soham hamsa shiva

    - Forgiveness practice it pray to god bless all with good things.

    Each chakra has its own frequency

    Mooladhar – earth frequency – red colour

    Swadisthana – orange

    Manipur – bright yellow

    Anahat – bright transparent green

    Vishudhi – bright transparent blue

    Agya – bright transparent violet

    Sahasrar – indigo colour

    Yogi’s meditating emit golden colour light.

    When we meditate we heal, when we heal we get the grace of lord maha mrityunjaya

    Self healing – enter into that organ and send healing.

    The self has the power to do whatever the mind wants.

    Whenever you meditate – call and always the shiv yog masters or lord shiv shiva himself will come J

    Steps to meditate :

    1) First you must calm down – total peace – inhale exhale deep breath

    2) Utmost silence- then call all the masters

    3) Ask raise my vibrations – request and make me ascend and you will find you’ll rise up

    4) Ask – bring him to me too

    5) Open yourself and meditate

    You will have wonderful healing experiences, materialization experiences and most importantly spiritual experience.

    - Relax and create emotion of love and gratitude

    - Sit straight take deep breath

    - Turn on om hrom jhum saa cd

    - Command he body

    - Call master

    - Please come and take me to shiv yog Samadhi

    - Raise my vibrations and ascend me to the light take me to lord shiv shiva please

    - Please bring me to them and them to me. I want to feel them.

    - Thanks

    Jis vidhi rakhe us vidhi rahiye!

    Shri lalita tripurasundari – it’s sadhna of shakti and shiva

    Merging of both is shri vidya sadhna

    The meru / shree chakra has 9 triangles in the pyramids form

    4 upwards – shiva

    5 downwards - shakti

    We merge and ascend to god. Advait sadhna – there’s no 2 only one.

    Guru gives mantra deeksha

    Guru remains with the disciple reveals the secret of the sacred sadhna

    Shree vidya homam in house brings lots of prosperity and abdundance

    Japa listen to live mantra also helps

    Real shree vidya sadhna deeksha – bound to change life

    Shree vidya is sadhna is of materialization and destructions of karma

    Shree vidya comes from the time the universe was created. The trinity prayed to this sadhna

    Haigreeva avatar received the grace of lalita tripurasundari

    Agastya maharishi created his wife with the help of shri vidya

    Both were initiated by lord Narayan and were given all the wisdom.

    All the saptrishis mastered the shri vidya

    Bhagwaan dattatreya – incarnation of the trinity, parshurama avatar meditated on sri vidya.

    Guru is the one to show you the truth. Lord dattatreya initiated parshurama.

    Siddha parampara – lord datta is master of all siddhas.

    The one who masters shiv yog sadhna gets the art of materialization.

    Lord Buddha appeared to show the path of love.

    Become like the child – forget the intellect kyon kaise hoga. Just become like the child and ask from lord shiva.

    There are 3 energy meridians – which are most important.

    Its parallel to the spine cord – which is sushumna nadi

    Then IRA and Pingla – which goes criss cross

    Left – ira nadi – moon

    Right – pingla nadi – surya

    All chakras originate from sushumna nadi

    Consciousness raises through sushumna nadi

    Sushumna nadi connects mooladara to sahastrar chakra

    Kundalini shakti/chitti shakti remains in the sleeping state

    2 steps of being born again

    1) Takes birth and consc is sleeping

    2) Shaktipath is given by guru

    Mooladar – shakti in sleeping state

    Sahastrar – shiva consciousness

    Sushumna nadi stores our karmas

    Lower portion is tamogun

    Middle portion is rajjogun

    Top portion is sattogun

    Male and female energy of the cosmos – shiva shakti

    Shakti is given door way to sushumna nadi

    Shakti will eat all the karmas

    Devi sanchit karmo ka sanchan karti hai

    3 knots of ignorance above mooladar


    Vishnu granti – anahat chakra

    Shiva granti – sahastrar chakra

    When a person takes birth his kundalini is stuck there until kundilini is not awakened you are not awake. You will find a sensation in your body.

    2nd you are born in spiritual chakra.

    Vishnu granti – person can pierce his own body.

    Mooladar to vishudhi – all chakras carry all 5 elements

    Mooladar – bhu lokha (planet earth)

    Swadhitsthana – bhuva loka – mantra of self gayatri mantra

    Astral plane , pitru yoni another being – pitru lokha

    Must master your swadhistana chakra

    Manipur – swa (swarg loka)

    Anahat – mer loka

    Agya – gyana loka

    Higher self has reacted to meh loka, gyana loka

    You are present on planet earth and you are also present in another loka within you.

    Whenever there’s disturbance in life any issue – go deep inside

    Universally you will find there’s obstruction.

    Sanjeevni enhances your energy and dissolves the obstruction.

    Your intention is very important. Source of magneto energy is unconditional love. You vibrate at a higher frequency. Love enhances electrifying magnetism.

    You must purify yourself always be in this state. The state of unconditional love.

    The moment you act out of ego, your divinity comes down. Ego, fear, brings down energy.

    Everyone should consciously project unconditional love and sanjeevni.

    More projection of sanjeevni more power of sanjeevni

    I don’t have to expect anything in return. Just start giving love and feel happy. When you feel that you increase the electromagnetism you end up dissolving the accumulated karmas.

    If you expect you only should expect from HIM. Ascension is important.

    Every disease is because of hatred.

    Shree chakra attracts unconditional love, physical body, 5 elements, shiv yog says you are made of 7 elements. Purity of 7 elements within you will bring the purity in every aspect of life.

    Relationship, success, abundance all

    Every time you meditate ascension takes place. The purity will bring the change in your life. Believe in the positive changes.

    Har haal mein khushi

    Teri khushi mein meri khushi

    Let your glory shine.

    I open my soul so your soul can come in me. I open my heart so your heart can come in me.

    When you do dhyana talk to her, believe in her, your wish is my wish. Your happiness is my happiness.

    3 important things of shiv yog

    Sadhna – feelings of love for self

    Seva – feelings of love for his creation

    Sankirtan – feeling of love for him

    These 3 things bring success, abundance.

    When you have no ambition in life - life is meaningless

    Love for god, purification all this is ambition too

    You must be a seeker when you seek you have a direction. Bhog and moksha both are desire.

    Sadhna se bhog, bhog se viraagya, viraagya se moksh.

    Sansar se bhog – bhog se asakti, asakti se advagati.

    You need uddvagati

    Connect to self through “self”. When you connect to self and do karma it becomes holistic karmas

    Every act of a shiv yog sadhak should be holistic act. Loving your family members should be a holistic act. Love without conditions.

    Siddhas say never grow old, live life fully

    Become one with the nature – swing like a tree, shine like sun, flow like the river.

    I am that I am emotion of unconditional love creates very powerful electro magnetism.

    When you have feeling of love. He is a dynamic personality – vibrant more energy.

    Whole universe will be attracted towards you. Tumara koi shatru nahin hoga.

    Everything find something cute. You must become merchant of diamonds. In the mine many rocks pebbles are there but find the diamond which is hidden.

    Learning is a continuous process. In every situation you must be a student. Learn something good.

    Do not be scared of failure there’s a seed of success in it.

    I shall find the diamond. Success and failure find the diamond and make it a win-win situation. Om mani padme hum. Find the jewel within. The mani is there within you, you have to search inside and find it.

    Prem yog bhakti yog – do atman chintan. Is your behavior irritating or loving?

    If you want to remain young. Every thought is emitting love. Every word, every reaction.

    Whatever you do will remain with you. Why you want to worry about his karma.

    Remain like a lotus. Lotus grows in mud, not even drop of mud touches it. Do not connect your emotion with his behavior. We put that person in our own consciousness.

    Arthritis comes when people don’t believe in themselves.

    Believe in yourself. You are not the body, mind. I am self – infinite. I create Aham Brahamasmi

    Should never doubt your own capabilities. Visualize and create strong belief.

    Feeling of love and unconditional love.

    Whatever you want to achieve, just review. Feeling of love or uncertainty ?

    Opposite of love is uncertainty, irritation and anger

    Is it irritation or anger for the disease or love for healthy body you choose?

    Any strong feeling will remain with you.

    Jo tumko chaye wohi sochna, wohi feel karna. Jo tumko nahin chaiye kabhi na sochna

    Whatever emotionally you are feeling.

    Project love to strengthen it.

    Bigri baat pe sanjeevni bhejna

    Always the feeling of unconditional love remain in you.

    Whatever you want to achieve create feeling of love. Be very peaceful.

    When we get irritated we break the energy. Replace irritation with unconditional love.

    Yogi ke kapal se amrit tapakta hai. Always in the state of bliss – satchidananda that’s the true identity.

    Activate the feeling of love to meditate.

    Shiv yog is a way of life to experience bhog and moksha.

    Shiv yog is a way of successful life.

    The mission of Babaji’s life – everyone must purify and forget about small things.

    Doing sadhna everything is transformed.

    What you are at the time of birth, you are not now – the death occurs. Birth again.

    Even if there’s no problem – people make problems.

    Give unconditional love to your family. Be ready to walk further. Law of nature. Like energy attracts like energy.

    Powerful energy transformation. If some of your loved ones are not transformed. Others might drift away from you. There’s a vacuum and other like energy people will come.

    Learn to “let go”. Problem is parents are so attached to children. Want to make them follow the same path.

    Send all love, accept all. Love and detach. Infatuation brings sorrows.

    Relationship of an energy. Different energy will break relationships.

    When your path is different and someone else is different. Get ready to part different ways.

    Family, path, religion – shiv yog

    Anyone following the path of purity is his child.

    Feel safe because you belong to GOD

    A lot of shifts happening in life. Anyone with purity will be attracted to you. Those drifting away let them. Others will come.

    As you will grow in life, changes will bound to occur.

    If negative attracted towards me. Not their fault or luck. Time to do self analysis. Thoughts probably negative or vibrating at low energy.

    Become positive remove any negative thoughts. Only love can be generated from a shiv yogi.

    Human being are the only species that have the power to choose.

    You are unconditional love from your speech only unconditional love must consciously flow.

    Secret of self realization – you become what you are.

    We are satchitanand. If every act and thought of mine projects love – its urvagati – if its downwards its adwagati

    You are born to experience the divinity of god. You are human in all your act humanity must show.

    Whatever gives you peace you will do that only.

    With an open heart do sadhna.

    Shiv yog has the power to heal body, mind and soul but you have the power to choose.

    Shiv yog says easy to bring success, health and abundance.

    Shiv yog in a nutshell – as explained by babaji

    · Shudh bhavna – intention must be pure

    · Nirmal mann – feeling of love

    · Vishaal mann – big heart

    · Nishchal mann – stillness

    Compare yourself with yourself. What I was yesterday am I more purer today? Never compare yourself with others.

    Everyday look forward o unfold the infinite potential. Every day you must grow.

    Namah shivaya

    Bless you